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A Master of Melody Albert W. Ketèlbey by Basil Hogarth
Albert William Ketelbey - by his Sister Albert Ketèlbey by his Sister Caroline


Contemporary References 1888-1900.

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The Wonder Worker (Comic opera) History, Synopsis & Reviews


Newspapers, Magazines & Journals etc. (Transcripts)

The Man Behind The Records The Music Mirror June 1921
In a Monastery Garden by Albert Ketèlbey Music Masterpieces No.12 – March 1926
The Romance of a popular composer Birmingham Despatch – 1st August 1928
What is noteworthy Der Artist (Dusseldorf) 31st Jan 1930
Music and Musicians Birmingham Post 1933
Natives of Birmingham and… Birmingham Gazette May 1934
The Music The King liked Evening Despatch 9th May 1934
Keteleby Played At St. Annes Blackpool Evening Gazette 2nd Sept 1948
Honour The Memory Birmingham Mail 10th February 1954
In A Monastery Garden Daily Telegraph 26th July 1954
Albert Keteleby Glorious Failure Daily Express 27th November 1959
Albert W. Ketelbey Express or Mail November 1959
Death of Albert Ketelbey Birmingham Post 27th November 1959
Mr Albert Ketelbey The Times 27th November 1959
Mr Albert Ketelbey Times 27th November 1959
Neglected Composers Birmingham Post 27th November 1971
Birmingham Composer Birmingham Post 30th November 1971
Pictures In Music The Lady 21st August 1975
The Music Man Birmingham Evening Mail 20th December 1975
Solved – Mystery of a forgotten genius Birmingham Mail 28th January 1976
In A Friary Garden Hampshire, The County Magazine May 1988
Tribute to Ketelbey Birmingham Post November 1989
In A Monastery Garden This England Spring 1999
Birmingham's Unknown Musical Genius Birmingham Post 11th June 2001
Brum's Hall of fame… Birmingham Evening Mail 24th July 2001
Fifty years since he died and still the question is asked, what's in a name Light Music Society Newsletter 2009
Island Composer back in limelight IOW Country Press 25th September 2009
Philistines won't understand Albert IOW Country Press 11th June 2010
Bells Across The Meadows of Gozo ? Light Music Sociey Magazine Autumn 2012
Indian Summers Sunday Times (Date Unknown)
Memory Road Memory Road (Date Unknown)


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